Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Junk in the Trunk

It's going to be a while before it warms up enough for me to fully test out the sleep system and clothing that I intend to take on the Divide. However, I think that I have the apparel choices pretty well figured out, enough so that it seemed worthwhile to pack everything up in my seatbag and weigh it out. Here is where I am at as of right now:

The bag contains the following:

Western Mountaineering Highlite sleeping bag
Montbell down vest
Cutter eVent rain jacket
Ground Effect 3/4 length rain pants
Bellweather arm and leg warmers
Smartwool midweight socks
Ibex wool long sleeve baselayer
Smartwool beanie
Neoprene toe covers

I still need to purchase some rain mittens and organize everything in a few small stuffsacks. Even after these additions I should be just barely above four pounds. There is still enough capacity in the bag that I could potentially pack in another component of my sleeping system (I want to minimize the amount of crap I have strapped to my handlebars as much as possible).

Although there are three months to second guess myself and change things, I suspect that this will be pretty close to what I have with me when I leave Banff. I'm eagerly awaiting the warmer weather and the chance to further test out and refine my gear.


  1. My purse weighs more than 4 are insane! For one overnight at a hotel my duffel probably weighs 20 lbs! Clearly it is good I travel in a minivan!!

  2. Aim to include some kind of sleeping pad...however minimal it may be. Torso sized. Something to keep you off the ground.

  3. As of right now I plan on bringing a full length pad, tarp, and bivy. All of these should fit on my handlebars, though I could probably cram one of them in the seatbag if I have to. Hopefully I'll have a more detailed post about my sleep/shelter system soon, now that it's actually warming up enough to test them!