Sunday, March 20, 2011

David Gieger is rad.

Earlier today I came across a link to a great web application developed by a guy who toured the Great Divide route last summer. Its basically just a map with the Tour Divide .gpx track on it. You select any two points along the entire route and it automatically shows you an elevation profile of that segment. I'm sure that there are lots of gifted folks out there who think this sounds pretty straightforward, but it appears almost magical to a barely literate technophobe like myself. Check it out here. Guy's write up of his Great Divide tour is here.

This year's Tour Divide hopefuls are probably already aware of this via the bikepacking forums (where I found it), but I thought I'd throw it up here for the benefit of my legions of followers. Its pretty cool, and should provide me with a nice alternative to obsessively checking Donald Glover's twitter feed during down time at work.


  1. Donald Glover works on the soundstage next to us. I'll give him a "what's up" nod for you!

  2. Cool, can you also tell Alison Brie that she needs to call me?

    Seriously though, between this and the pictures of the ti Fargo, it seems like you're just posting on here to drive home the fact that you're basically living my dream. Thanks a lot.

  3. Ha! You'll have to get in line for Alison. I've got a few co-workers that you'll have to fight with.